Meal Author Speakers

Sunday Annual Banquet & Emerson Greenaway Award Presentation – Holly Robinsonrobinson_holly

Novelist, journalist and celebrity ghost writer Holly Robinson is the author of several books, including The Gerbil farmer’s Daughter: A Memoir and the novels Beach Plum Island, Haven Lake, and Folly Cove (coming October 4, 2016)!. Her articles and essays appear frequently in The Huffington Post, More, Parents, Redbook and dozens of other newspapers and magazines. She and her husband have five children and a stubborn Pekingese. They divide their time between Massachusetts and Prince Edward Island, and are crazy enough to be fixing up old houses one shingle at a time in both places. – **Excerpt taken from

Monday NERTCL Lunch – Gary Schmidt

gary-schmidt_v2In a McDonald’s culture where everything has to be fast, and pre-packaged, and glitzy, and well-marketed, what role does the writer for young readers play? When even the notion of sitting quietly with a book somewhere and reading seems archaic, how does the writer for young readers find a way to speak to young readers who are ready to plug in? And yet, story remains imperative.



barry_brunoniaMonday General Lunch – Brunonia Barry

Brunonia Barry is the New York Times & international best selling author of The Lace Reader, The Map of True Places, and The Fifth Petal (coming January 2017)! She lives in and writes about Salem, MA. – Excerpt taken from



Tuesday Author Lunch – Ellen Herrickherrick_ellen

The Sparrow Sisters is Ellen Herrick’s first novel. Ellen was a publishing executive in New York until moving to London. She returned twenty years later and now divides her time between Cambridge, Massachusetts and a small Cape Cod town very much like The Sparrow Sisters’Granite Point. – Excerpt taken from