Youth Services/NERTCL Session Highlights

gary-schmidt_v2Hey, youth services librarians! Are you coming to the 2016 NELA Conference?  You should, because it is going to be superdeluxe!

  • Learn how to:
  • Spice up your storytimes
  • Make your booktalks 17% cooler
  • Get your kids coding like champs
  • Serve up a platterful of truly nourishing books for your LGBT teens
  • Get swept away on a tsunami of YA programming ideas
  • Be a mighty free speech avenger for kids
  • Navigate the choppy shark infested seas of media
  • Impart crucial adulting requirements to your woefully underprepared teens
  • Learn how not to collapse into a pile of self-recrimination when things fail spectacularly

You shouldn’t miss this. It is gonna be amazing. All the cool kids will be there and also there is risotto. No dress code. Come prepared to rule the world. #librariansupers